Current Officers

President: James “Trae” Welborn
Past President: Regina Sullivan
Vice President: Jay Richardson

Secretary: Tammy Byron
Treasurer: Larry McDonnell
Bradford-Delaney Prize Chair: Ansley L. Quiros
Brooks Forum Chair: Matthew C. Hulbert
Program and Local Arrangements: James “Trae” Welborn, Larry McDonnell, Matthew C. Hulbert, Christopher Curtis

Executive Board Members

Tammy Byron
Christopher Curtis
David Moltke-Hansen
Otis Pickett
Regina Sullivan


St. George Tucker Society members set their own dues. Membership dues are used to fund the Bradford-Delaney Dissertation Prize, to cover the registration and defray travel expenses for the graduate students who participate in the Brooks Dissertation Forum, and provide for other expenses of the Society.

Suggested Dues: $50. Regular annual payment of even this amount by all Tucker Society members and affiliates would preclude the necessity of curtailing the duration and activities at the annual meeting or, in the worst-case scenario, canceling altogether, due to lack of requisite funds. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Donations: Other additional donations beyond the minimum “suggested dues” to the Society are welcomed and encouraged in order to ensure sufficient funds to hold the annual meeting each summer without abridgment. Thank you in advance for your donation.